The Code of Canon Law is the official collection of norms and laws of the Latin Church. The present Code of Canon Law 1983 contains a total number of 1752 canons. Code of Canon Law 1983 was promulgated on 25 January 1983, and came into effect on 27 November of the same year. The first Code of Canon Law 1917 was promulgated on 27 May 1917 by Pope Benedict the XV and became binding from 19 May 1918. It contained 2414 canons which were divided 5 Books. The Code of Canon Law 1917 was abrogated with the coming into legal effect of the new Code of Canon Law 1983.

Primary aim of this website is to provide basic information about the Code of Canon Law 1983 which contains the regulations and norms of the Latin Church. In doing so, we attempt to answer fundamental questions arising from the Church’s teachings in reference to the Canon Law.

All matters regarding the norms of the Canon Law are carefully examined and dealt with by the Jesuit canon lawyer currently teaching at Pontifical Vidyajyoti College of Theology.