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Online Radio Stations - A Citation Needed  

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Many people today are trying to turn their personal computers into portable home radio stations by using the software programs available for radio online streaming. Radio online is a digital audio stream transmitted via the Internet to a portable device such as a laptop or MP3 player. Broadcasting over the Internet is generally known as webcasting, as it's not technically transmitted over the airwaves. This is different from broadcast television, which is technically done over broadcast channels and signals that are sent out to homes in boxes.

Webcasting of radio online, however, is transmitted as internet radio through broadcasts that are received by your computer and play directly back at your convenience. All you need is a reliable high speed internet connection, some basic tools like a microphone, speakers and auxiliary cable, and a good sound card to take full advantage of your radio station online experience. You don't need a license or registration, like you do for traditional radio stations to use this technology. Most webcasters just follow simple instructions provided by their online radio stations.

Unlike the traditional radio stations, online radio stations can be uploaded by anyone with a sound card and a microphone. Any website that allows you to upload radio stations for other users can be a radio station. The major benefits of webcasting are portability, flexibility and customization. If you want your voice to be heard around the world and you're dedicated to creating an exciting radio show, then consider adding a radio online streaming feature to your website.