Distribution of Boards and slots for the Ad Auds Exam (B.Th. III)

Exam slot list will be displayed here using the “Data Table” adds-ons. Stay tuned.

Important information:

  1. From February 1-3, 2023, there will be additional lectures in view of the preparation for the Ad Auds exam.
  2. Please come prepared with questions, doubts and clarifications.
  3. Do not depend only on the sample questions that has been provided to you. They are only the guidelines.
  4. You must start preparation for the exam in advance. Do not wait for the last moment preparation.

Further reading

  1. “Samaritanus bonus”: On medical care of the sick
  2. Code of Canon Canon Law 1983 (Sacraments and Sacramentals cann. 834-1253)
  3. Donum vitae
  4. Dignitas personae
  5. Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on procured abortion
  6. Catechism of the Catholic Church
  7. Pastoral Guide (vol. II)
  8. Essential handbook on moral theology
  9. Catholic Social Teaching
  10. Bio-medical ethics
  11. Handbook for the Clergy (Conference of Catholic Bishops of India)

Evaluation Paper on Parish Law: B.Th. III

  1. The Parish in Canon Law: Rights and Obligations (cf. cann. 515-552).
  2. Parish Pastoral Council: A structure for synodality and pastoral planning (cf. cann. 511-514).
  3. Rights and duties of a Pastor in Canon Law (cf. cann. 526-552).
  4. Parish and Parish Priest (Parochus) (cann. 515-552 CIC/1983) and in CCEO/1990 (cann. 279-333 CCEO/1990).
  5. Ordained and sacred ministry in a parish in the light of can. 517 and the instruction «The Pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church» of the Congregation for the Clergy, 20.07.2020. [Download PDF File pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3].
  6. Parish Finance Committee. A collaborative structure for administration of parochial goods (cann. 492-494).

Books and articles for the written assignment

  1. Table of Comparison CIC/1983 vs CCEO/1990: Table of Coparison CIC1983 vs CCEO1990
  2. Beal J.P.-J.A. Corden-T.J. Green, New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law, New York 2000.
  3. Commentary on the Code of Canon Law (Vol. III-V).
  4. The Canon Law – Letter and Spirit.
  5. Mathew John Puthenparambil, «Role of Laity in Diocesan Finance Council: A Comparative Study of Latin and Eastern Codes», 119/ 4 The Living Word (2013), 257-274. 
  6. K. S. Sebastian, «Participation of the Laity in the Decision-Making Structures of the Church», Vidyajyoti TR 66 1/02 (2004), 52-66.
  7. John A. Renken, «Finance Councils and Finance Officers in the Latin and Eastern Codes: A Comparative Study», 71 Jurist (2011), 295-315.
  8. Thomas J. Green, «Selected Issues in Developing Structures of Diocesan Communion», The Jurist 69 (2009), 418-441.
  9. Catherine E. Clifford, «The Local Church and its Bishop in Ecumenical Perspective», The Jurist 69 (2009), 59-83.
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  11. Joseph W. Pokusa, «Dioceses, Parishes, Pastors and Pastoral Care», The Jurist 67 (2007), 153-175.
  12. Mark E. Chopko, «An Overview of the Parish and the Civil Law», The Jurist 67 (2007), 194-226.
  13. Roch Pagé, «The Future of Parishes and the Present Canonical Legislation», The Jurist 67 (2007), 176-193.
  14. John P. Beal, «It’s Déja Vu All Over Again: Lay Trusteeism Rides Again», The Jurist 68 (2008), 497-568.
  15. James Coriden, «Enduring Parishes, Emerging Ministries», The Jurist 69 (2009), 731-748.
  16. Official Documents of the Holy See, «Letter from the Congregation for the Clergy and Procedural Guidelines for the Modification of Parishes and the Closure, Relegation, and Alienation of Churches», The Jurist 73 (2013), 211-219.
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