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Sample questions on Bio-medical Ethics

Sample questions on Bio-medical ethics

  1. The state regulations require a young doctor to perform 10 abortions before he gets his degree. So he does them so that he may do a lot of good to people later on. What is to be said about his attitude?
  2. A man wants his wife undergo sterilization as they have already two children. He comes for advice.
  3. A religious brother has kidney failure. The doctor says that he could live 5 years with dialysis (painful and most expensive); without it he would die in a short time. He prefers to die rather than go for such treatment. How would you advise him and his superior?
  4. A nurse is asked to bring in 2 cases for sterilization every month. Otherwise, she may lose her job. So someway she persuades women to undergo the operation. How would you advise her?
  5. An unmarried women lives in a dangerous place. Can she 1) take contraceptive pills; or 2) have a loop inserted, to prevent conception from possible rape?
  6. There is a mentally retarded girl who is frequently pregnant as some take advantage of her. Could she be sterilized to forestall any more pregnancy?
  7. A nurse realizes she has forgotten to give the prescribed medicine to a patient. When the patient gets worse she dare not admit the matter. Has she the obligation of compensating for the harm done to the patient?
  8. A catholic preeminently displays various forms of contraceptive in his drugstore in order to attract customers. What about his behavior? What of a sales girl who work in such a store? What if the contraceptives are sold discreetly?
  9. A parish priest advices the uneducated village people to take contraceptives, for they have too many children and are poor. What have you to say?
  10. A boy patient after sterilization comes for confession. What advice will you have?
  11. I am a catholic nurse, would like to work I the Govt. Hospital. The Govt. demands 5 sterilization cases to approve the application. I attend sometimes the illegal operation. One doctor is after me. I yielded to him twice.
  12. In a certain city the nurses who want to get into college to finish their training must first persuade five women to accept birth control be sterilization or loop. The catholic training centers are full and difficult to get into. What should a catholic nurse do?
  13. A spy is captured. He knows that he will not be able to bear tortures. He poisons himself in order not to betray his country. Is it suicide?
  14. Premila is pregnant. After two still-births, there is every possibility that this one too, will be a still-born child. So she requests the doctor to terminate her pregnancy. What advice would you give her if she comes a) before the abortion, b) after the abortion?

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