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Sample questions on Sexual Ethics

Sample questions on sexual ethics

  1. A man threatens to break off the engagement if his fiancé, who is already 36 years old, does not agree to have regular intercourse before marriage. The girl is greatly perplexed. How would you advise her?
  2. A husband makes excessive sexual demands on his wife regarding the frequency of intercourse and variations. She is fed up and thinks of leaving him. What would you advise?
  3. A young cinema actress is asked to strip in various degrees. She feels it is against modesty and decency, but agrees only in order to maintain her career. What advice?
  4. A married woman feels bad because she had intercourse twice during the night with her husband and does not receive communion the following morning. How would you advise her? Another feels that she must abstain during lent, but her husband does not agree.
  5. A20 year old girl supports herself and her family by working in an office. The manager makes insistent advances. If she refuses she is likely to lose her job. She comes to you for advice.
  6. A young boy and a girl who are in love indulge in all forms of intimate touches and kisses to express their love. One of them seeks your advice as to how far they can go?
  7. A celibate asks whether it is right to kiss and embrace to express love. What advice would you give?
  8. A man is away from his wife. So he makes up by regularly masturbating while thinking about her. Another does the same during the period of childbirth of his wife. What is be said about this?
  9. A boy feels sexual tension the night before any important event. He tosses on the bed restlessly. Someone says it would not be wrong to masturbate in order to obtain relief and get much needed sleep. What would you suggest?
  10. A male teacher feels strongly attracted to some boys in his class. What advice would you give him?
  11. How would you advise a person who has the habit of compulsive masturbation?
  12. A sister says that a companion who is lonely wants sexual intimacy with her, “I don’t like it; but if I refuse, she will be completely frustrated. I don’t know what to do?”
  13. A boy indulges in pornographic reading and finds it a good distraction from his boring studies. What advice would you give him?
  14. A celibate man gets a very strong urge, bordering on obsession look at a nude woman. Would it be alright to satisfy his curiosity if he can find a willing partner?
  15. A bachelor gets a strong urge to masturbate. He tried to control himself, but is very frustrated in the process. A psycho-therapist suggests he go ahead in order to overcome his fear and obsession? He asks your opinion and advice.
  16. A member of CYM comes to you and says to you that I did not go for Sunday mass, bunked the classes and I am in love with a girl, sometimes I kiss her and press her hands to express my love for her. You advice.
  17. I am a priest. I am quite progressive about participation in other religious services. Quite solid about my dogma and practice, I feel great devotion when I go and pray in a Buddhist temple. Con I do so? Can I join their religious services?
  18. I am the manager of a press. I have to take blocks of Shiva, Parvathy and sexy pictures. They excite me. What shall I so?

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