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Sample questions on Truth and Confidentiality

Sample Questions based on Truth and Confidentiality

  1. A formator comes to know from personal interviews that one of the novices has a sexual weakness.
  2. A doctor learns that one of his parents who has a venereal disease is about to marry. Can he or should he reveal this
  3. A person’s signature is urgently needed for a favorable deal. As the person is not available, is it alright for another person to imitate the signature for a good cause?
  4. A treasurer in a religious community is too demanding in asking for accounts. Can a religious then cook up some accounts to maintain peace?
  5. Ho far is a doctor bound to reveal to a person his dangerous condition? By whom and how is 6the the news that he is in imminent danger of death to be communicated to him?
  6. A husband is very suspicious and inquisitive, so for the sake of peace, can the wife give false answer to his enquiries?
  7. A superior reads all the letters of a sister and withhold some without informing her. She defends the practice by saying that it is for the good of the sister.
  8. Can a religious superior compel a member to undergo psychotherapy and demand a detailed report from the therapist regarding the progress of the treatment?
  9. Can a lawyer take up a criminal case knowing well that his client is guilty? Could he use     false evidence to get an innocent client out?
  10. A rather poor man runs a printing press. He gets a good order for printing and false and scurrilous pamphlet.  Could he execute it saying that he is only earning his living?
  11. A bus company doctor examines a man for the post of driver and finds his vision somewhat defective. Because he is poor and with the large family he does not report this. Is he justified?
  12. The doctor knows that a man committed suicide. However he gives the certificate of natural death so that the poor widow might get insurance money.
  13. I am the house doctor of seminary. I found that one of the seminarians has venereal disease the seminarian tells not to tell anyone about it could I tell it to the Rector.

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