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Miscellaneous Questions for Ad Auds exam

Sample Questions for ad auds exam

  1. A retired sister sells books and stationery to the students, she keeps a margin so that she can make a little profit and make her contribution to her community. Does this go against the law forbidding trade and commerce to religious?
  2. A priest gets a loan from a nationalized bank for some social projects. He invests some of it buying as ambassador car which he runs through a poor relative. Parts of the profits are for his social work and part for the relative. What do you say about the arrangement?
  3. How would you help an alcoholic who does no work and quarrels with his wife?
  4. A man work in a gambling den where a lot of simple people lose all their money and ruin their families. He feels bad about it and consults you.
  5. A sister is in perpetual vows just leaves the convent and contract civil marriage with a man. How would you help her to regularize her situation? 
  6. A religious Brother goes on home leave and does not return even after 5 months. What is the Provincial Superior to do?
  7. An illegitimate girl joined a religious Congregation and made her profession. Now a priest says that her vows are invalid. What do you say?
  8. A penitent confesses that she voluntarily undergone abortion. Can you absolve her? (cf.C.1398)
  9. Transfer of the Kulshekar parish priest: Clarification of the canonical procedure of transfers? Is the Bishop justified in transferring the PP in such situation? Is the PP justified in his adamant stand against a transfer?
  10. A priest during his retreat comes to you for advice: He finds no joy in saying his daily prayers. Gets up very late in the morning. Fiddles with the accounts of the School construction. Very free with girls. Gets excited and takes advantages of the girls. How will you advice him?
  11. I am an estate owner I don’t pay much. I attend Mass once a month.  When a priest comes and celebrates in my estate.  My parish church is just four-five miles away. I have a car.  My wife is not here.  Sometimes I misbehave with my women workers.   I have two account books; of course I pay more income tax than other estate owners.
  12. You are the rector of the minor seminary. You think that half the boys are not fit to continue their studies in the major seminary but the bishop says that all should be sent up to the major seminary.  What will you do?
  13. A friend of mine went to Karkal church for the feast with a Hindu companion. He allowed the Hindu to receive the Holy Communion.  But later my friends begins to have doubts, has he sinned?  Should he confess?  And comes to you for advice.
  14. John and Mary got married in the parish church. After the marriage, John understands he is sterile, hiding the fact, they were leading a happy life, however John reveals the truth to the parish priest.  When John is out of station, Mary sleeps with somebody and becomes pregnant.  Now she wants to have an abortion before John returns.  So she approaches the parish priest, what advice could be given.
  15. Mary has promised her fiancé John, an unemployed youth that she would marry him but her uncle who has been helping Mary financially has arranged another match for her. John meanwhile threatens to spoil Mary’s name.  She approaches the PP.  How can the matter be set right?
  16. Theresa is a young widow who lost her husband due to throat cancer. To feed her three kids, she goes for daily work.  A distant relative helps her too.  Now the calumnious neighbors cook up stories concerning the two of them.  Frustrated Theresa attempts suicide but is rescued by some young man.  Broken down, she comes to the PP, how would you rehabilitate her?

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